Hello, scientist!

Meet people from all over the world!

What is LabSurfing?

You love the iGEM community?
You love to collaborate with other teams?
Tired of long communication to find a place to sleep?

With LabSurfing it is easy to find other scientists from other teams and cities.
Going to a collaboration or just visiting another city? Connect with LabSurfing to find a place to sleep for you and your team!

LabSurfing wants you to remain! Our goal is to boost the connection and make the iGEM family even bigger, by allowing alumnis to stay in and connect with other iGEM members, not just over our website, but also giving a possibility to make contact personally! Teamwork just can be done by seeing each other, connect with your iGEM fellows at LabSurfing!

How it works

LabSurfing will help you connect with other scientists.

We want to make communication and planning for collaboration meetups easy and fast. We integrated several features on our website to find, organize and plan collaborations and get-togethers.

Thanks to our advanced searching system, you are able to find exactly the team or scientists that will enhance your project!
Based on the open source spirit, we want to create an open and social community, where you can take advantage from a large pool of knowledge from all over the world.